The Invasion of The New Year

Elisha represents a prophetic presence. He is the successor to the great prophet of old, Elijah the Tishbite. Elisha carries a “double portion” anointing on his life.
He got sick and he died. The prophet who worked sixteen miracles, including raising the dead back to life, gets sick and dies. The prophetic voice was hushed. The prophetic mantle is buried. There is a prophetic absence.
The name Elisha means “God is my salvation”. Once he dies we see that the Moabites began their invasion. Whenever there is an absence of a prophetic covering in your life the enemy has an opportunity to invade. The Moabites didn’t attack until after they saw Elisha had been buried. The enemy waits for moments of prophetic vacancy.
The invasion is timed and strategic. The invasion began “at the coming in of the year”. It was not only a new calendar year, it was also a new season. This would be the time of harvest. The enemy attacks when it’s time for you and I to reap. Your hardships are all about your harvest. Are you understanding this?
As we prepare to go into a new year and a new decade we are well aware of the invasion plans of the enemy. We also have some plans of our own. We are planning for our greatest harvest yet!
We plan to pray. We plan to fast. We plan to boldly declare the Word of God out of our mouths. Our prophetic presence is necessary. Our prophetic voices will not be silenced. There is a prophetic mantle upon The House.
We are a people who operate in the spiritual and supernatural powers of supplication, intercession and declaration. We pray and say!

Don’T Be Afraid!

I resigned from a historic church and a prestigious pastorate nearly two months ago. My wife and I decided to trust God for our family and the future a new ministry.

No one promised to underwrite us or to join the new work. I didn’t know what the future was about to launch us into. I’m imperative; but not impulsive.

I’m the kind of leader that functions by unction. I left a church without knowing the next step. I know to leave a position of full time ministry offered no guarantees that I would find another one. Well, I am still in a full time pastorate.

Lady Stephanie has been very supportive. All she has ever known is that God takes of her husband and her household. We started our marriage and ministry nearly 30 years ago. We lived the first two weeks of our honeymoon at the Hallmark Inn on Trinity Lane in Nashville, TN.  Never mind. You’d have to be there to understand.

When I sit and look at our family and our future I have no fears. I don’t fear what will happen if things don’t work out. I’m not worried about growth or a toxic church environment. I’m not scared when I think about where or when we’ll find our first location or what will be our next move.

It’s not a time for an uncertain future, it’s all about the Kingdom first. I’ve not been watching or listening to a lot of the news lately because I need to stay on a low negative mental diet.

I know I’m not the only one who has faced fears and has overcome being afraid. You may feel fear creeping into your private dreams and your business visions. The best way to make fear come under your authority is through faith-filled words in your prayers and praises.

Pray and Praise with me: “Father in the name of Jesus, I praise you that You do not give fear; but You did give me and every born again believer power, love and a sound mind. By faith I now receive power, love and a sound mind. I take Your power over my fear. I choose Your love over my worry. I bring Your sound mind into my every decision. I praise You for it and call it done for the glory of Jesus the Christ!

Why We Welcome The Way We Welcome

In the first leaders and launch meeting with The House of Prayer Everywhere Minister Jessica Booker gave a passionate plea and a visionary plan to welcome every soul that enters The House. It has been a breath of fresh grace!

Waiting adorned with manicured and flawless uniformity the Porters secure and escort every woman to the steps of the sanctuary.  On the top of the stairs the Greeters with beautiful smiles and a heartfelt welcome will meet you. Now entering into the foyer more smiles, wide grins, extended arms and warm greetings.

Welcome Home! The House of Prayer Everywhere finds its uniqueness not only in our prayer acumen, but in our acceptance of others. The prophetic house of prayer receives whomever the LORD brings. The house of prayer that the LORD is building is filled with “strangers”. See Isaiah 56:7.

We welcome the way we welcome because:

We Worship without traditions.

We Encourage without limitations.

We Love without conditions.

We Care without questions.

We Open without qualifications.

We Minister without discriminations.

We Evangelize without condemnation.

This Is How We Do It!






The Benefits of Traditional Churches

On the first Sunday I took the pulpit as their pastor the choir came marching and swaying down the middle aisle singing, “I shall not be moved”. They meant that!

There is nothing quite like pastoring a traditional church. Here are some insights that may help you hold on and press your way through.

Benefits To Pastoring A Traditional Church

1. You can go and grow slowly. Urgency is not a strategy or a priority in a traditional church. No one rushes or hurries the pastor or the vision.

2. You have a core that will always be supportive of the Church’s history, even if they are not committed to its future. Legacy and homestead members are ever committed to the ideals of the institution. They are waiting on the next “hey day”.

3. The church can grow through their generations. Traditional churches have families that expect to be dedicated, married and buried in the “home church”. Many generations are not members any longer, but when they go to church that’s where they attend.

4. The people will be more patient with the pastor. Traditional churches have seen it all. The older members are less sensitized and place less scrutiny on the humanity and carnality of spiritual leaders.

5. The church members will have expendable and dependable finances. People who have been giving in the life of the church over time want that money to maintain their earlier investments. Traditional churches have saved their money and will work hard to keep it.

6. The best cooks and cooking await you at a traditional church. There are Southern specific and speciality dishes that will be cooked excellently by some members. Most godly and elderly churched people have great culinary and hospitality skills.

7. You have people deeply committed to their own slice of the vision.Traditional churches have service and volunteer networks that are highly guarded and usually very territorial. People are rooted in their roles and responsibilities.

I Am Appreciated!

An annual appreciation is a marker, not a measurement. The true measurement for the appreciation you have of your pastor is made daily. The simple gestures and good will you bring to the work of the church and the expansion of the vision shows untold appreciation for your pastor.

I know I am appreciated! I feel it. I see it. I experience it everyday of my life. Your acts of appreciation appeal to my attitude of appreciation.

I Know I Am Appreciated because You……

Accept me with all my humanity and transparency.

Pray with me through every season and storm.

Put prayer back where it belongs – in everything.

Respect the anointing that God has on my life.

Endure the changes that take us better and beyond.

Commit to ministry and work in the vision.

Invest in my family and ministry financially.

Affirm big dreams and acts of bold leadership.

Tell me what you really think.

Encourage the preaching and praying ministries.

Don’t quit on your pastor or each other.


Thank You New Hope! Thank You for a New Day!


Yes We Will

We will make prayer the main thing! “Without prayer, we can do nothing!” Therefore, all our plans, protocols and programs are all about prayer.

We will encourage home-based prayer ministries. We are called to build and rebuild family altars. We champion personal prayer, prayer rooms/closets and prayer assemblies.

We will follow praying pastors into prayer.  We want a pervasive movement of prayer, not merely prayer activities. We offer effective and creative ways to connect in prayer – prayer calls, prayer circles and prayer chaplains.

We will honor prayer intercessors. We identify and certify intercessors. We encourage them, train them, team them, deploy them and debrief them. We want every church and the entire Body of Christ to understand and utilize intercession!

We will be premier in prayer evangelism. We pray to the Lord of the harvest for the harvest. We begin all evangelism in prayer. We look for ways to care, and opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus Christ..

We will offer workshops, intensives, networks and Encounters that teach and train intercessory prayer. Prayer must be caught in the Spirit and taught from the Scriptures.

We will sanctify sanctuaries as UPPER ROOMS (Acts 1-2).  Prayer assemblies and intercession convocations will be hosted and streamed from houses of prayer. 

21 Days of Decisions


  1. Decide To Discontinue Toxic Relationships (1:10 – 15).
  2. Decide To Know God and What He Knows About You (2:1-7).
  3. Decide To Have God’s Best For Your Life (3:1-10).
  4. Decide To Guard Your Heart and Your Hangouts (4:23-27).
  5. Decide To Get Out of Debt and Financial Bondage (6:1-5).
  6. Decide To Generate Substantial Personal Wealth (8:11-21).
  7. Decide To Break All Soul Ties With Poverty (10:15)
  8. Decide To Be A Generous Giver (11:24-26).
  9. Decide To Win Souls and Influence People (11:30).
  10. Decide To Let Words Help Make You Wealthy (13:2-3).
  11. Decide To Temper Your Tone of Voice (15:1).
  12. Decide To Maximize Your Potential and Profits (17:8).
  13. Decide To Be Friendly and Gain One New Friend (18:24).
  14. Decide To Help Someone Less Fortunate Than You (19:17).
  15. Decide To Get More Done In The Mornings (20:13).


Help Connect The Next!


You’re busy – so I’ll be brief.

There will be thousands of young people to leave our churches this month. 

They are being seduced into cults, religious gangs and occult practices – this is a clear and present danger to the Gospel and our generations!  You can help us connect the next generation to VERTICAL WORSHIP!

This is Bishop Sean Teal, visionary of Prayer Our vision for the next generation is “VERTICAL WORSHIP”.  We have brought together a team of young people who are ready to launch and lead a weekly prayer and worship encounter that is millennial and multicultural.

 The Bay Area (Oakland/San Francisco) is the least churched region in America. We are meeting dozens upon dozens of young people who have never experienced the power of God in prayer or worship. Imagine that!

We have young people who are hungry for a move of God that just will not happen in traditional churches.

VERTICAL WORSHIP is an outlet and outreach for this generation. This can become the movement that excites and empowers our children to know God.

That’s why I‘m writing you today. We need a seed!

For each gift of $21.00 (twenty-one dollars) you can give immediately and directly you will be inviting and sponsoring some young person into VERTICAL WORSHIP. Your one-time gift of $21.00 will help us launch outreach from the Ohlone Community Center in Hercules, CA.

Each week we will offer a snack and coffee time; peer to peer ministry, prayer groups, free worship and  a Spirit-filled space to study and learn The Bible.

Please give today @ Prayer Donate to Vertical.

Our full launch day and open house will be Wednesday, February 6th, 2019. Doors open at 5:00pm. VERTICAL WORSHIP begins @ 6:33pm. The Ohlone Center @ 190 Turquoise Dr, Hercules, CA.

If you can give today to help us reach and teach this generation, we want to send you the full e-copy of the VERTICAL WORSHIP vision along with the 2019 Prayer Guide for Young People.