Living Foolproof (Proverbs 26)

“Living Foolproof”

An exegetical paraphrase by Bishop Sean Teal, Th.D.

The Book of Proverbs provides the practical application of The Truth. I highly recommend that you read a chapter of Proverbs that corresponds with the day. Every 30-31 days you will complete the Book of Wisdom and you will be the wiser.

Vs. 1 – As strange as it is to see snow in the summer and as problematic as rain can be during harvest, so also is the promotion of a fool.

Vs. 2 – Birds that wander and swallows that fly migrate. They have a place of departure and a season of arrival. Curses are the same way. Curses come for a reason and arrive in a season.

Vs. 3 – To motivate a horse you need a whip. To direct a donkey you need a bridle. To correct a fool you need a walking stick.

Vs. 4 – Don’t debate with someone who has proven to have and to hold inferior moral and intellectual merits. You will look like the fool.

Vs. 5 – Answer with the truth, but don’t argue with someone who refuses to acknowledge the truth.

Vs. 6 – Anytime you give an assignment to someone lacking in character and competency you are asking for trouble.

Vs. 7 – Even the truth in the mouth of someone who is morally disabled should not be trusted.

Vs. 8 – If you give recognition and promotion to a person of low character it will come back to hurt you later.

Vs. 9 – People who are undisciplined hurt themselves by the words that come out of their own mouths.

Vs. 10 – God, not you, will handle those who are against His purpose and against His people.

Vs. 11 – The person without spiritual direction and moral discipline will remain attached to old appetites and addictions.

Vs. 12 – When you meet someone who is a self taught know it all, don’t waste your time trying to teach them.

Vs. 13 – A lazy person always has a lie to avoid an opportunity.

Vs. 14 – Hinges support doors and beds support lazy people.

Vs. 15 – Lazy people will start a project that they will not finish.

Vs. 16 – You cannot come up with more reasons to work than a lazy person can come up with excuses not to work.

Vs. 17 – Don’t take sides in other people’s arguments and disagreements. You will be bit by what you bother with.

Vss. 18 – Like an insane person running down the street doing all they can to hurt people,

Vs. 19 – So is the person who carries around a lie about you and when they are caught with the lie, they then excuse it by saying, “I was just playing?”

Vs. 20 – If you are serious about ridding your company of confusion and contention you must confront the person at the center of the controversy.

Vs. 21 – Any person with a negative attitude can energize other people with negative attitudes.

Vs. 22 – False accusations and assumptions are the words that hurt the worst.

Vs. 23 – A person who has a big vocabulary and little virtue are all shine and no substance.

Vs. 24 – Negative people use gossip and innuendo to divide people against other people,

Vs. 25 – Listen and then discern what is being said to you for it could be in complete opposition to God’s word and will.

Vs. 26 – You can’t hide your heart or your hatred. Every evil intention will eventually be exposed.

Vs. 27 – What you do to bring down others will become your downfall.
Vs. 28 – Liars are haters and people who inflate the truth and ignore the facts are very dangerous.

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