City -Wide Intercessors

Dear Intercessors,
Thank you for standing in the gap for The Gathering! The prayers you are praying and the praises that you are giving to God are preparing the atmosphere and the anointing for October 6th through October 9th. The warfare and the wounds are worth it! We are more than overcomers!
We want to pray for all the cities represented in The Gathering. We will also be targeting seven cities that the Spirit has unctioned in my prayer time. There are “bands of wickedness” in these cities. We fast and prayer to break the bands! See Isaiah 58:8-12.
  1. Brooklyn, New York – Teenage Pregnancy
  2. Washington, DC – Political Corruption/Bribery
  3. Baltimore, Maryland – Drug/Gang Violence
  4. Atlanta, Georgia – Homosexuality/HIV
  5. Chicago, Illinois – Fatherlessness and Truancy
  6. Charlotte, North Carolina – Racism and Injustice
  7. San Diego, California – Loneliness and Lesbianism
Again, thank you for standing with us in prayer!

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