God’s Story

This is an abridged outline for the Acts series during the  “50 Days of Power”.

Text: Acts 7:1-60

Proposition: God is in history and over history.

God works through history writing His story.

Jesus is the point of God’s story.

Exposition: Stephen tells God’s story. What makes Stephen such an exceptional witness?

I. The Messenger (6:15). Stephen’s face was “like the face of an angel” for Stephen was living looking up. His focus was heavenly. When we live from above people will not only hear our witness, they will see our witness.  “It’s written all over your face” describes Stephen’s witness.

II. The Message (7:2-53).  Stephen’s message had three (3) particular points that must be included in the witnessing of God’s story:

1) God is a God of Faith (7:2-8). God’s covenant is the basis of all faith.  The story always begins with God calling and man responding. This is faith. See Romans 10:17.

2) God is a God of Grace (7:9-36). The lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David (vs. 45-46), Solomon reveal the favor and grace connected to the people and purposes of God. Seven men called and connected by the grace of God.

3) God is a God of Order (7:37-50) “The Prophet” God shall raise up is Jesus (vs. 37). The Prophet calls the nation to order (vs.42-43). The Tabernacle and Temple (the spiritual structures of the Old Testament) are according to the order (“fashion”) of God (vs. 44-50).

III. The Martyrdom (7:51-59). When the truth hurts, people will try to hurt the truth-teller.  Stephen is mobbed and murdered. He becomes the first martyr of the New Testament Church. He dies the way he lived, “looking up”. He died worshipping. He died praying. He died forgiving.

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