Emerging Ministries

This is an abridged outline to the Acts series for the “50 Days of Power”.

Acts 6:1-15

Proposition: The Holy Spirit empowers ministries to emerge.

Exposition: Emerging ministries must continue to :

1) Establish effective ministry strategies (vs. 1-3). Sharing the ministry is key to effective ministry. The apostles shared their ministry with the congregation. The “diaconate” were non-vocational men recruited into full-time ministry.

2) Establish effective ministry priorities (vs.4-7). The apostles kept the spiritual disciplines of the Word and prayer central and focal. Emerging ministries need leaders who keep the first things first. Spiritual leaders must be Spirit-led.

3) Establish effective ministry personalities (vs. 8-15). Stephen is representative of the kind of people that emerging ministries must have connected to their vision. Stephen is out among the community declaring and demonstrating the Word.

Application: Emerging ministries must be prepared to face the challenges that come with change.

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