Perspective, Paterno and Penn State

What went wrong at Penn State? Is what we are seeing in Pennsylvania a national problem? What does it say about the times in which we live? Where and with whom are our children safe? Do we really care about the well-being of our children?

Jeremiah, the prophet lamented in his day because of the unfairness and lack of justice in the land. “They judge not the  cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge” (Jeremiah 5:28). The children that were victimized at Penn State were inner-city, urban, underprivileged children from broken families. They were set up by an empowered pedophile and then led to the slaughter.

What we have witnessed from Penn State this week is nothing short of a microcosm of the dysfunction of our nation and the culture. What we have seen in the news since this past Saturday is the sickness of our society. We live in a day when people are more committed to their idolatry and celebrity than truth and justice.

Here it is, plain and simple – Penn State administration, alumni and students openly chose to protect their institution and their sports idolatry and celebrity rather than protect abused and victimized children. Sports and sports celebrities in America and around the world are worshipped by parishioners called fans in sanctuaries called stadiums while receiving multi-million dollar offerings called salaries and bonuses.

There is an embarassing effect that comes from the now infamous Coach “Joe Pa” and this scandalous coaching staff at Penn State. We have to learn that in one of the most celebrated institutions of higher learning in America there is no education of ethics.

Where is truth and justice?  Where is the sense of right?  Who witnesses a 10 year-old being raped and then walks back out of the room? Why the silence?  Why weren’t the police called immediately? Where is the outrage from the staff and students?

The “riot” after the firing of Coach Paterno was another clear indicator. We are raising and teaching a generation to care more about football than fairness. The only consideration should be for the children that were raped and robbed of their innocence.

I look forward to witnessing the expensive damage control and image repair Penn State and its legal team will now have to engage and endure. We are praying for the victims and their families.

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Image by pennstatelive via Flickr

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