The Glory and The Gathering

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Having to reflect upon the Prayer Everywhere Gathering is no easy venture. The depth of the Word, the presence of the Holy Spirit and the excceding glory of God has robbed me of the words adequate to describe what was ministered and imparted to us when we came together from around America. The Holy Spirit’s theme for the conference was “Glory!”.

The anchor word of the conference came from Dr. T. L. Lowery, our apostolic covering. He declared that Prayer Everywhere was being used by God to lead an awakening of God’s glory in the earth.  He showed us how God has worked in history to bring about Great Awakenings around the world. The Lord always starts with a call upon a man’s life to lead a people into prayer and fasting.

The “tipping point” for a move of God can only happen through people of prayer. Things in the spirit world are brought to critical mass when the Lord raises and reveals a people who will wear the mantle of consecration and intercession. God calls His people to cry after Him for the transformation of a nation or a culture. This is the constant of every national revival, renewal and restoration. “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray..” (II Chronicles 7:14).

The Gathering was a launching. What we received from the Word and the Spirit was an introduction into an end-time glory. The theme that was woven into every message, prayer and song was the glory of God. Why is the Holy Spirit speaking to us about glory? What does glory have to do with our call to transform churches and cultures through anointed and united prayer?

The first time the word “glory” is used  in the Bible is in Genesis 31:1. There is a biblical interpretative principle called, “the law of first mention”. It teaches that if you want to understand the basis of any biblical principle or spiritual law you have to refer to its first mention. The word “glory” was first used to describe magnificence, abundance and reverence. When we speak of the “glory of God”  we are declaring His magnificence, abundance and reverence. The glory of God reveals the Father’s exaltant, exceeding and excellence of character.

The Hebrew word for “glory” is ‘kabod’. It most often translated as “weighty” or “heaviness”. This signifies a tangible spiritual presence or manifestation. When it is glory it will be revealed, seen and observable. Under the leadership of Moses the “Shekinah”, the manifest presence of God, was revealed as a cloud and a pillar of fire. This is spiritual substance. Glory is God’s presence permeating your presence. “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

“Glory” also describes the essence of one’s character. It is a word used to describe the most noble elements of the soul or inner being of a person. Glory is the best someone is and has. The glory of God is God giving His best to us in time and space. “The Word was made flesh… and we beheld His glory” ( John 1:14). This is why glory in the Scriptures is often associated with light and brillance. The glory is the brillance of God being manifested. Jesus is called “the brightness of His glory” (Hebrews 1:3). In Jesus we see the best God is and has.

Through prayer we prepare for the glory of God. The magnificence of God’s power, the abundance of His riches and the reverence of His presence is only accessible through prayer. Prayer is where we first encounter God’s best for our lives. When we are in prayer we are in the presence of His glory. There is only one place for you and I to obtain the best God has for us – in prayer!

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