Money and Happy?

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

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Someone once coined the cliche’, “Money can’t buy happiness”. That sounds right, especially if you have grown up in a churched context. There is only one problem with that statement – it’s not true!  Money can buy happiness. Happiness is a temporary feeling based on what is currently happening. You are happy as long as things are happening the way you want them to happen.  Money can direct and determine what is happening at the moment.

Money can pay for you to spend a day at your favorite sports event or amusement park. Money can purchase tickets to your dream vacation spot. Money can help you help someone you want to help. Money can remodel your kitchen with a gas range, granite tops and marble floors. Money can put you on a private jet headed to see your favorite Broadway show. Money can put you in a five-star restaurant at the best table with a delightful meal and great company. Money can provide a plethora of opportunities that totally appeal to your sense of happiness and pleasure. Money can make you feel good for a moment and about a moment.

What money can’t buy is joy. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Joy is evidence of God’s kingdom at work within the believer (Romans 14:17). Joy is a spiritual commodity that cannot be purchased with the currency of money.  Joy is not temporary. Joy is not about the moment.  Joy is permanent. Joy is not because of what you bought or what you have. Joy is based on what you know.

Joy is not an emotion. Joy is a revelation. Joy is knowing God and His word. Joy is knowing the end from the beginning. Joy is overcoming in the midst of the problem because you already know how things are going to turn out.  But you say, “Man of God, how can I know how things are going to turn out.  How will I know?”  You know because no matter what happens in the life of a believer we know God’s purpose awaits us on the other side of whatever we are enduring. “All things work together for the good…” (Romans 8:28).

Someone once remarked to a mean and miserable millionaire, “You see, money won’t make you happy”. The mean and miserable millionaire replied, “But it will let you be miserable in a real nice neighborhood!”.

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