Hate To Be Late!


Time is one of the greatest gifts God ever gave us!  It is a medium of exchange that can obtain anything you need in life.  What you need to meet your need is more time. Given the time every need can be met.

Time is the one seed that can reproduce after any kind. That’s right!  Any kind! Whatever you want to harvest in your life will be determined by what you do with the time you have. God didn’t give you a marriage and a family. He gave you time and you sowed your time and built a marriage and a family. God doesn’t give you money. He gives you time to make or receive money. God doesn’t give us eternity. He give us time to choose eternity. God gives you time and if you sow time into the right purpose you will reap incredible returns. “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose..” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

In order to better value your time I recommend the following 10 practical tips for better time investment:

1) Study how you are currently using your time. If you keep doing what you are doing with your time, will you be wiser, richer or happier a year from now?

2) Find your “prime time”.  What hours are the most effective for you to concentrate and create?

3) Plan tomorrow the night before. Do you wake up with a” things-to-do-list” waiting for you?

4) Throughout the day check out what you’re doing and make sure it’s important.

5) Act on correspondences and requests as soon as you can. Get them out-of-the-way!

6) Plan before you work and then work what you planned. Are you focused?

7) Delete what doesn’t belong to you. Junk mail and e-spam are to be thrown away and avoided.

8) Delegate what others can do better than you. Teams are for time.

9) Make your time pay and count. Seek high pay-off rewards for the time you spend with God, with people and with projects.

10) Prioritize your plans and actions. What is the most important thing now and later?

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