“More Than A Marriage”

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

This weekend, my wife Stephanie and I celebrate our 19th anniversary of marriage. My wife is a dream and our marriage is a vision. The ideal wife, in my mind, is my wife. She has fully captured my attention and affections. Stephanie is my dream come true. I unconditionally trust her love. Her friendship is authentic. Her loyalty to family is absolute! .

The vision for our marriage is simple, we want our descendants committed to Matthew 6:33. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” is the capstone of our covenant with God and each other. We live Matthew 6:33, as the Holy Spirit helps us. It is our desire to leave a Matthew 6:33 lifestyle as an example to our children’s children. We know of nothing else that offers the strategy, security and sensibility one needs to excel in life. We owe everything we are and have to “kingdom-first” living. This is the principal revelation God uses to guide our lives.

Our marriage has a mission. “Sean and Stephanie” are a ministry. Our marriage has created the context for the first ministry, our most important ministry-our family. Our opportunity to minister to God’s people and love people as spiritual parents begins with the harmony and holiness of our own lives and marriage. Our marriage is the place where our characters are being shaped and tested. How well we love and serve one another in marriage gives us the credibility we need to be “real” with others about the real issues of life. The lessons we learn in marriage are helping us empower other couples and encourage many families.

There is nothing more necessary in my life than my marriage and no person more important to my destiny than my wife. This is another year we celebrate more than marriage.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

2 thoughts on ““More Than A Marriage”

  1. Patty says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations! congratulations! Your marriage is a model that is becoming more extinct as time passes; and a man who freely voices his commitment to his bride, and also lives it, is admirable. For love is what it does, not just what it says. The third paragraph of your writing was blessing and confirmation to me regarding the priority and place of first ministry – your family. Even in my life as a single parent this is true and meaningful and orderly. The love and peace and order of my home clearly impacts my ability to do ministry outside of my home. I believe this understanding prepares my life and my heart for marriage, should it be the will of God for me in this season, and sets a paradigm for my daughter who will marry in the near future. I wish you many, many more years of health, happiness and great wealth, “so long as you both shall live.”

  2. Sonya says:

    My God, that was an awesome.Congratulations on 19 years of togetherness. I want this kind of anointing on me when the Lord release my husband.
    Love you both and I thank God for you

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