Thankful for the Painful

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“It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes”(Psalm 119:71).

This is a praise for pain! The psalmist reflects upon his life and the dealings of God in his affairs and comes to a celebration for affliction.  What he has endured, the hardships he has overcome, the pain he has felt, the shame he has faced has given him an appreciation for affliction.  He does not curse his moment. He says, “It was good.”

What hurt us may have been evil, but it doesn’t have to be our evil. What has hurt us does not have to hinder us. We can be blessed by our pains, our wounds and our bruises. There is no reason to let pain prevent the purpose of God in our lives. Our  pain should propel us deeper into God’s purposes. Surely, trouble does not have to keep troubling. The troubling can become the blessing!

When does pain become useful?  How can we use the hurt in our lives to advance us and not crush us? What do you do when you don’t see any gain from your pain?

Remember the requirements of pain:

Pain requires your focus. The psalmist says, “that I might learn thy statutes”. Pain has the power to get you to focus on what you need to be learning. What are you suppose to be learning from your pain? When there is a pain in your body the pain demands your attention. You give pain the attention it needs until the pain goes away. When you are hurting the Lord wants you to focus on the cause of the pain and deal with it so  you can move on and function at your best.

Pain requires your faith. Pain can make you numb. Pain can rob you of your will to believe for better. Pain must be faced with wide-awake faith. Pain is the process not the product. Beyond the pain there are statutes waiting for you. “Statutes” are biblical principles for success. The purpose of a statute is to give you a supernatural edge for success in life. You can gain through pain. Your faith turns scars into stars. There is success beyond your pain!

Pain requires your fitness. “Afflicted” is not easy on the body, mind or heart. When you are afflicted you are being put under extreme pressure. The pressures of an anointed life can be beyond our imagination. This kind of pressure is designed to give strength and shape to the character and courage you need for what you will face ahead. Fitness of character and fitness of courage are essential for those who have come through pain and are preparing for success.

No pain should ever be wasted! Remember the chemistry of Calvary. God uses the worst pain as His plan to redeem. Pain in the plan of God is a process that leads to you to experience God’s best Resurrection!

Be thankful for the painful!

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