The Prayer Helper

“The Holy Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us…” (Romans 8:26).

For those who know me best, you know that I need help with about everything I do. I confess my utter need for others. From the biggest projects to the smallest details of a day I need help getting it done. So when I achieve any gain or accomplish any success there are always others who have helped to make it happen. This is how God intends it.

No person can ever take credit for their prayer life or discipline. Prayer is not something a person can do on their own. Prayer requires help from heaven and all that is holy. Prayer then, is only as good as the Helper the person has when they are praying. Prayer requires the aid of the Almighty’s Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is our Prayer Helper. The term “Comforter”, as Jesus calls the Holy Spirit, means “Helper”. Jesus made sure He left the disciples all the help they would need to advance the work of the kingdom. He has not left us any less. We have the same Spirit helping us. This is the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. We have more help than any other people in the world.

One of the primary ministries of the Holy Spirit is help us communicate and commune with our Father. The Holy Spirit reveals to us in prayer and through prayer the mind, will and emotions of God. When we are in prayer, helped by the Holy Spirit, we are experiencing the essence of God. This is when prayer is supernatural. Prayer becomes supernatural when you have the same desires as God’s. Prayer is supernatural when you think God’s thoughts. Prayer is supernatural when you feel what God feels.

The Holy Spirit is God at work in the earth through the believer. Our mission is to introduce the will of God to every areas of our lives and the culture. The Holy Spirit helps us to execute and legislate the government of God. The Holy Spirit only wants to help those who want to see the kingdom come. The Holy Spirit will never work against the interests of the kingdom. The Holy Spirit is here to help you and I be effective kingdom citizens.

The most important aspect of our kingdom citizenship is our priesthood. Our priesthood is the call to intercede. This call doesn’t come without weaknesses. We need help to administer our priesthood. We stand in the gap and with the help of the Spirit we introduce the will of God to every situation, beginning in prayer. Prayer is where the will of God is revealed and released by the Spirit.

When you desire to pray, your Helper is helping. When you struggle in prayer, your Helper is helping. When you break through in prayer, your Helper is helping. The next time you pray, pray big, pray bold, you have a Prayer Helper!

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