Prayer Warriors Weekend

My utmost appreciation goes to the Holy Spirit for orchestrating the 50 Hour of Prayer! The outpouring of the Holy Spirit anointed the people of God to pray, worship, minister, exhort, testify, agree, bind and loose. The unction to pray was manifest and manifold. It seemed as if every person whom prayed and ministered was given the supernatural ability to believe God and pray HIs heart.

I have never witnessed, let alone lead, any prayer event more impressive or impacting. What we have experienced is unique, uncommon and peculiar. The value of our prayers and ministries this weekend is inestimable. We will have to get to heaven before we know all the good we released into the earth through our prayers. All we are really assured of is that God heard our prayers and answers were given and things were done.

Thank you so much for standing with us in prayer! Whatever prayer you prayed or thought you gave to Prayer Warriors Weekend we want you to know it made a difference. There is no greater gift that you could give than the gift of prayer.

May we have a thousand more opportunities to launch and lead powerful prayer across America and around the world!

4 thoughts on “Prayer Warriors Weekend

  1. Patty Spells says:

    Prayer is the help that gets things done. I praise God for the finished work we help to orchestrate over the past weekend and am privileged to have been a part. Keep on praying and praising.

  2. DeAnna A Benn says:

    Prayer Warrior Weekend was great! It was the most uplifting 50 hours that I have ever experience. The God of the Supernatual manifested his presence and power through the telephone lines. It was electricfying. I am so grateful to God that i am connected to a ministry that pray, pray together and pray everywhere.The passion for prayer that has been birth into the heart of Bishop Sean Teal Sr. only God can take the credit and get the Glory. Bishop Teal is a great man of God who has surrendered all to God and God found him to be a willing vessel. If you were not able to experinece the move of God with us this past weekend you will get your chance. If you are in the Chattanooga, TN area, please join us at 7 North Tuxedo Ave on every Saturday morning at 9:00am for The 120 Prayer Gathering or you may join us on the National Conference call every Wednesday morning at 6:33 am by calling (712)432-6112 pin# 100417. To God be the Glory!

  3. Min Bell says:

    Supernatural: the Divine ability smeared up-on the natural; God’s super up-on a ‘peculiar people’ who prayed 50 hours with power, who prayed in unity, and who prayed till the impartation of the Holy Spirit was released the last night of prayer.

    Catch the vision! Catch the moment!
    Catch Friendship’s Natural Prayer Line
    with Bishop Teal,
    Wednesday mornings 6:33 am
    (712) 432-6112; pin #100417.

  4. raji samuel says:

    Uphold children program tomorrow 27/11/2010, also keep touch with Pastor Sibi Kuruvilla and hand over one flag (UAE) to pray for this country. bye and uphold in prayer.

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